Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

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Become an essential oil wholesale member and receive rewards and free products each month with essential rewards. Enjoy the uplifting and health supporting benefits of daily aromatherapy, support from Sea and her down to earth mentorship, plus a toxic free clean home, office and body care with Thieves. Legend states during the bubonic plague, herbal merchants used these plant oils to protect themselves and were forced to give the recipe. My distributor number is #19871554 Be sure to check the monthly rewards box when enrolling with a PSK (premium starter kit) through Speak with me on enhancing your welcome gifts; changing or cancelling the following month order. You will receive welcome gifts and rewards. Alternatively there is an entry level start up message Sea Cummins for assistance if needed. Thanks so much and I am excited about your new essential oils infused home, kitchen, bathroom, office and even car! Yes there’s a USB diffuser for a car or laptop etc!