Good Night Night

Good Night Night

Posted by Sea on Aug 12th 2019

Thanks to an astrology mentor I recently began to understand why I've done so well with structure at key times throughout my life despite my ethereal leanings and love of the meander.

I get so much done during unscheduled time and yet the obligation to be at a certain place at a certain time also pushes me just enough and gives me a sense of safety that I can--yet again--bloom and go all unconventional within. 

Now if I feel myself getting a bit lost, I remember my routine. Walking Peach, having dinner, working on my sites, getting to bed early.

So for the purposes of getting to bed now, since it's just about to be late, not early, I'll just post the graphic I was working on when I told myself to get to bed. You see I really sleep well when I simply lay down and close my eyes.

It's just getting myself there. So if anyone else has that situation, I recommend you go wash your face and get in bed and get some sleep.

It seems a ridiculous amount of sleep is how light body integrations happen and I really must be activating. And I love it!

I had a green soup for dinner that was so delicious and even warmed but still 1000% raw vegan... I had some cultured sunflower cheeze I'd also made.

The store will have blue blocker glasses, Tachyon discs, links to my essential oils, my dry shampoo for blondes, brunette and even radical neon redheads, turquoise heads and more. 

I'm teaching a Polarity Therapy class with bodywork, diet, (read: food!) exercise and counseling so I need my beauty and mental health rest. You can find the first module as a free gift at Every Wednesday night through August and this is the second year running. I plan to open a new level one in the fall! The last weekend in August is a Polarity Immersion I with me in Portland, OR. And the Raw Princess: High Vibrational Goddess Retreat is in October for New Moon Gallbladder Flush with me and Susan Moon in Sellwood!

The Gall Bladder Flush Deluxe Gift Basket will be featured in this blog with photos and links to order! Mmm what fun!

The Your Baja Glow retreat in Mexico is all set and there are spots open at a sparkling air bnb where you will be immersed in raw food feasts, learn the art of intermittent fasting, do sunrise gazing on the beach to see the green flash, and polarity yoga, polarity transformational 2chair processing and just all around get your glow on in the desert on the sea of Cortez where I've called home and stomping grounds since 2012.

I knew there was a reason I wanted to write before bed maybe now I can just enjoy and snuggle my huge pile of pillows next to my salt lamp with the aromatherapy going and I always open my window for the fresh night air. It's a longevity tip from around the world as well as how to avoid getting sick. Keep your head cool with fresh air and your toes warm and toasty in the covers they say. I also have other longevity tips and lovely life hacks such as turning off the wifi and put all devices in airplane mode at night. And I'll soon have some of the best and most researched products along those lines here in The Raw Princess store. So and sleep well to you and yours.



PS- it's hard to wait to tell about the upcoming announcements such as being this is the raw princess 11th year in existence and being that so many very cool offerings, events, books and classes are blasting off this year it IS difficult to wait sometimes. But her rebrand and re-emergence over the past few years is really taking shape...thanks in part to Saturn in Capricorn ha ha. Here's a little whimsy logo fun in the thumbnail as I explore my look and feel...